by ThongJohnSilver



released January 29, 2014



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ThongJohnSilver Minnesota


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Track Name: The Sky is so Beautiful, I Will Never Come Down
You say it's stopping but it just slows down
The sky is so beautiful, I will never come down
I have never seen a thing so beautiful, I will never come down
Time is so beautiful
Track Name: Pain (feat. Dedo)
What do you do anyway?
When no one's watching you
They're watching you
Inside the deepest darkest corners of your mind
They hit below the belt
When acid doesn't help
They criticize your every move until it's hell
Until the pain is gone
I've been waiting too long
Cause I've been cutting myself deep I know it's wrong
Cause in this time in my life
I feel so high I could fly
Cause in this time in my life
I feel so high
we're working 9 to 5
to keep the hive alive
to keep it certain we dont see the world outside
Cause in this time in my life
I feel so high I could fly
whats your problem today
dont let your life slip away
dont let them tell you how to pay for your mistakes
Cause in this time in my life
I feel so high I could fly
Track Name: Born
I have been born to
But I'll live
I'll live
In this world
It's just a matter of time
I will die
And so will you
With every breath I take
I wonder why I'm still alive
And every mistake that I've ever had
Just be glad
That you're doing the best that you can
Regardless of if everything is all inside your head
Days turn into weeks
Months turn into years
My heart is too big for reasons
I don't know
Time just like everyone you know
Track Name: Momma
brother is another motherfucker and i dont care
ima shave the world of all its grass and give it no hair
ima topple all you rappers poppin pills and acid
AA meetings aa i am sober so is that kid

dancing like im high off life and pissed off at the fucking floor
i broke my hand but ima be highfiving ghosts like dumbledore
come for more you know we got it woke up in and old bugatti
callit shotty potty training bitches on the fucking spot
who fucking taught you manners tanners going fucking nanners
hanging banners on the outside im tripped out of my mind
'but im fine really fuck a brain fart anyway
ima do this this way that way or anyway
you better pray cause ima stay and ima be here for a minute
finish up the bar and kill the beat im fucking far from finmished
car diminished all the need for moving all your assets
your ass sits down your donkeys bored out of its baskets
attack it so i dont attack myself later
this is for my dudes who hate my shit and chronic masturbaters

what happened bruh youre tired or just really ill inspired
getting hired at an autoshop and im way too tired
buy a side of fries cause im too fucking broke for a burger
you heard her you take out your wallet or desert her

wahts the deal with anyone doing any shit anyway
you do it now or wait until you're dead and let it get away
im better saying ima fuck this world with my music
than letting someone else take my girl cause ima lose it
ima do this shit ill abuse it
and move my ass over to the hospital so you can
finally get a break from the dank ass thongjohn
bomb songs kindly all your friends and mommas
Track Name: Tinnitus
another buggin rapper sittin on a centipede
bet he brings two types of acid to the gathering
crabby please lobster fish
tater totter hot dish
stop fisting boxing gloved babies
saying pay me bitch
save the itch for later cause im gonna scratch acid
pass the dutchie to the right for extra fantastic
sexy fucking trinket ladies made out of plastic
one thong show later and they're sent home in baskets
Track Name: Somebody
Somebody died here
And I had to watch them go
It hurts when nobody thinks of you at first
I'm on some new spiritual rebirth
I'll leave my birthmark on this planet earth
Nobody told you I'm a liar
Deconstruct your god
And tell him that you're free
Track Name: These Days
Your walls came down
And I came tumbling after
This is for the love we could have had if we gave it the patience
I bet
Time heals every wound or so I'm meant to believe
When dangled in front of your face
The bait seems worthless
When we are older
Tell me if you heard this
Cause I'm off my rocker these days
Your walls came down
And I came tumbling after
I have fallen
Like I could love a soul
Your walls came down
And I came tumbling after
Track Name: Dank
yeah its lucas local white suburban rapper
dank like pot and trippy like shroom caps
no trap rap batshit crazy hi hat shit
thats just ignorant and arrogant and thats it
halfwit full moon no tune warm groove
you and me could dance on acid sing each other show tunes
flow through the next world back into this one
its not what you do i guess its just what you get done
one lifetime all the shit i cant see
doesnt mean i cant do the shit i always do for free
what i do for you or what do you do for me
i want some coffee lord what i wouldnt do for some beans
friends come first
chicks come second
music comes third fourth fifth sixth and seven
some gift sent from heavan one i didnt much ask for
one day ill look back and brag about that tour
or maybe one tour after that matter fact
make my whole life one big show but dont clap
till the lights turn off and the kike burns off
all is hair lightin bud in jeffersons front door fuckin back off

what up my motha lovin brotha tune your strings up
brings up memories of being sixteen must be
like six i repressed im depressed
and im ill at ease and always very rarely at rest
very scary i test the limitations of my mind
find in time i sign hello to all the people in my life
this is love my man fit the glove like handshake
hugs after jam session shake and make the earthquake
if you can do it so can i
like im too damn old to reach up and touch the sky
im a lifted fucking person you can hear it in my voice
gotta do to do but making great music is my choice
where my boys at where my fucking toys at
make a beat and quickly get together and destroy that
today i found my friends oh yeah they're in my head
better get the cheddar moving or you'll die broke and dead
Track Name: Straight
its time to tie together all my odds and ends
nod to friends like a wink so we go or just pretend
where havr you been
its time time to stop tossin n turnin in ur bed
head away with dreams of sparkling blue oceans and a clear head
all of this unecesarily eroded
and molded into self intrisic hatred let go of it
so everything ive ever known is simply wrong
just one more bar and im eneloped in the song

we can talk about my hair or how i stare
or how i'm always getting older and you're never really there
or how attemptd at making bonds with songs and glass bongs
or prongs poking into vegetarian nom noms
whats the prob thong gosh you're so far gone
nah im just tryna find a way to get the song done
no one's ever been like yeah that makes sense
i hate shit too except the shit i make since
its shit i make and its great its fate i guess
its day to day i pray to say better yet
get the fuck out of my goddamn sub fucking coscience
18 years living with no fucking conscience
somebody stop this i bet its not real
i bet its shit i used to hold inside my hands to watch it squeal
watch me peel back the last hidden parts of my brain
did i bleed on your empire carpet today
its a little more about the words that you dont say
also has a lot to do with tone i guess you could say
would say yeah great tight wrap it up
clapping after one song like they wanna see us done
see its fun i dont care you can do what you like
matter fact come back we'll be here tomorrow night
and iffin wiffins of a fight come and stink up in the light
i recite a piece of poetry so thank you for the invite
Track Name: Tremor [The Sky Pt. 2]
I'd like to stay
I sit between your fights
Fighting lonely nights
Until the pain is gone I wait I see the lights
Someone's watching me
Cause I can feel them breathe
I hold on strong to find out where I go outside
Your heart next to me
I can feel the whole world and I get to see
Your heart next to me
I can feel the whole world